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Apple Mac Showroom Andheri West, Mumbai

Apple Mac Showroom Andheri West, Mumbai

7B,Ground Floor,Crystal Plaza,
New Link Road,
Land Mark :Opp to Infiniti Mall,
Andheri West, Mumbai-450053.

Phone: 7710006883,7710006884

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MacBook Air in Detail

The Apple MacBook Air Was Always Awesome, Even in its Earliest Avatar

The first-generation MacBook Air was considered a technical marvel. It underlined the unique approach Steve Jobs brought to leverage technology as a means to living better. When first launched in 2008, it set the benchmark for Apple as a global brand and its competitors. From that day onwards, the creative heads at Apple knew they had brought about a technological revolution and that they will need to evolve. True to this belief, it has been continuously improving. Every upgrade, every update, every change is aimed at one aspect – bringing the MacBook Air closer to being a human technology.

Note: Apple MacBook Air is available in 2 sizes – 11 inch & 13 inch.

With the Need for Ultrabooks, the World Needed Apple MacBook Air!

People with reservations towards technology ramping-up too quickly often say that Ultrabooks, like the MacBook Air, are imposed on us! What they don’t understand is that we are living in the era of portable computing. People are getting more demanding about on-the-move computing solutions. To some extend these demands are addressed by laptops and notepads. Everywhere else, Ultrabooks are the only solution for folks who like to carry their work anywhere/anytime. With the arrival of Apple MacBook Air, the definition for Ultrabooks has become clearer. Every lighter and faster laptop cannot be given this coveted tile. The contender needs to have minimum constructional, hardware and performance features in an ultra-lightweight chassis. Apple remains the unchallenged choice in this niche.

Evolving, Not Changing, for a Better MacBook Air Experience

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The initial days of Apple MacBook Air in India saw people floored by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It had 2GB of RAM with 64 of 80GB HDD space. Very quickly, the specifications started climbing further. The second-generation surprised everyone with its upgraded processor—a faster RAM and much larger HDD space. The third-generation laptops came with a dedicated graphics processor from Nvidia and Micro-DVI port replaced by Mini DisplayPort. A new screen size was introduced with the fourth generation. Now, the MacBook Air had takers across the world in its bigger, 13-inch format. Gradually, screens became sharper, processors became faster and memory increased. Most importantly, Steve Jobs’ vision has been pursued. His core team ensures that the it never deviates from its commitment to quality.

Exploring the Contemporary Apple MacBook Air

The success of MacBook Air also lies in its MAC OS X operating system, developed exclusively for Apple computers. It provides a very sophisticated yet simplified outlook to all programs and functions. It keeps the user engaged with unbelievable ease of use. Generation after generation, the operating system was upgraded to make the hardware function at its optimum best. The latest generation of Apple ultrabooks are powered by the new Inter Core-i processor architecture. It comes fitted with the Intel HD Graphics 5000 processor. The bigger battery powers longer hours without getting tired. The wireless performance is now up to three times faster than previous generation. The latest MacBook Air is more responsive due its flash storage. From LED backlit display and dual microphones to HD FaceTime Camera, today’s Apple laptops has the credentials to be your lifestyle companion!