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Keyboard Replacement

Laptop keyboards come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit the design of the laptop itself. Smaller laptops incorporate a smaller keyboard, many with slightly smaller keys, and often do away with some less-essential keys, such as the numeric keypad. Larger laptops include a full keyboard with full-size keys and even a full numeric keypad.

Most key functions are maintained, even if the dedicated key is missing, however, by the use of a function key. The function key acts as a “switch”, which allows one key to provide multiple functions. For example, the F5 key, when pressed along with the function key, may be used to change display modes. Many laptops also include a number of extra buttons and media keys, which control volume, play/pause, and other media functions. Others incorporate quick launch keys, which allow instant access to email or internet browser programs. These extra keys are sometimes part of the laptop keyboard, and are sometimes a separate part.

Modern laptop keyboards are designed to produce very little sound when typing. While some users may prefer more audible feedback, the majority of users tend to prefer quiet operation, especially for a laptop.

When finding a replacement keyboard for your laptop, ensure that you have the correct part for your exact model, as most laptop parts are not interchangeable, even for similar models. If you do not have the necessary technical skills to perform the keyboard replacement, please contact our laptop repair center for more details.