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If the DVD / CD-ROM in your laptop is having problems we can help? We can easily resolve any software issues which may prevent adequate playback or burning. If your drive does need to be replaced, we carry a full assortment of proprietary CD-ROM, DVD, DVD/CD-RW or DVD-RW modules in stock. We will install the new drive plus load a software DVD player if needed.

Laptop Optical Drive Repair Another common fault on laptops is the CD or DVD drives, these are sometimes referred to as the optical drive or disk drive. Laptop Store see many Laptop / notebook computers with faulty drives and customers needing a Laptop Optical CD/DVD Drive Repair.

One common cause of a faulty DVD drive is a stuck drive. I.e. the drive will not eject the disc or sometimes there is no disc in the drive but the drive’s eject button does not work.
optical drive replacement services, if you are looking to just upgrade your old laptop optical drive for enhanced performance or you have a laptop DVD drive or CD ROM drive which is physically damaged or in cases when you experience issues such as..

Common Problems with Optical Drives:
The drive does not accept discs
The laptop optical drive vibrates
The laptop optical is noisy
The drive accepts discs but they do not mount or are automatically ejected
The drive doesn’t eject discs or discs eject slowly
The slot load optical drive scratches media

As part of our laptop optical drive replacement services, we can replace your faulty laptop’s (DVD-R/CD-RW) and defective Combo drive (CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-ROM/CD-RW) with brand new high-performance slot load optical drive after checking its compatibility with your existing laptop model.