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Dell Laptop Battery

Dell Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery is one most important thing that everyone keeps checking while working.If you are continuously working on your laptop from hours, it is obvious that your laptop battery would drain.

For the Laptop battery to last for longer hours

Dell Laptop Battery Price List

S.No Model No Price Warranty
1 Dell Inspiron N4010/N5010/N5110/N5030/3520/1540(J1KND/4YRJH)/6Cell Li-Ion/ 11.1V/4080mAh Current/48WHr Capacity Rs.2899* 1 Year
2 Dell Inspiron 1464/1564/1764(JKVC5)/6Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/4200mAh Current/48WHr Capacity Rs.5399* 1 Year
3 Dell Inspiron 1525/1545/1440(X284G/GW240)/6Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/4200mAh Current/48WHr Capacity Rs.2899* 1 Year
4 Dell Inspiron 1520(GK479)/6Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/5000mAh Current/56WHr Capacity Call 1 Year
5 Dell Inspiron 3521/3537/5521/3542(XCMRD)/4 Cell/14.8V/2700mAh Current/40WHr Capacity Rs.3299* 1 Year
6 Dell Inspiron/14Z /N411Z(268X5)/V-131/6 Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/5900mAh Current/65WHr Capacity Call 1 Year
7 Dell Inspiron 3521/5521/5537/3542/3546(MR90Y/4WY7C)/6 Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/5640mAh Current/65WHr Capacity RS.4099* 1 Year
8 Dell Inspiron 3520/3420/JIKND/6 Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/4080mAh Current/48WHr Capacity Rs.2899* 1 Year
9 Dell Inspiron 5520/ 5420/7420/7520(8858X /911MD)/6Cell Li-Ion/11.1V/4080mAh Current/48WHr Capacity Rs.3499* 1 Year
10 Dell Inspiron 7437(P42G/C4MF8/5KG27) Inbuilt battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/4080mAh Capacity/7.4v/58Whr Capacity Rs.7299* 1 Year
11 Dell Inspiron 14Z/15Z-5364/5523/5423(2NJNF) Inbuilt battery/6 Cell/Li-Ion type/44WH Capacity/11.1v Power Supply Rs.6499* 1 Year
12 Dell Inspiron 3148/5447/5545/5547(TRHFF)/11.1V/43WH/3.8MAH/4 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type Rs.7299* 1 Year
13 Dell Inspiron 1420(WW116) battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/4400mAh Capacity/11.1v Power Supply Call 1 Year
14 Dell Inspiron 7537/7737(Y1FGD/F7HVR) Inbuilt Battery/4 Cell Battery/58W Capacity/14.8v Power Supply Rs.7299* 1 Year
15 Dell Inspiron 3147/3148/7347/7348(GK5KY)/4 Cell Battery/45W Capacity/11.1v Power Supply Rs.5199* 1 Year
1 Dell Studio 1450/1435(U597P) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/11.1 Voltage/4400mAh Capacity/49Wh Call 1 Year
2 Dell Studio 1558/1555/1557/1536/1537/1538 battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/5200mAh Capacity/58Whr Rs.3899* 1 Year
3 Dell Studio 1645/X411C battery/9 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/85Whr capacity/11.1v Power Supply Call 1 Year
4 Dell Studio 1735/1737(RM971) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/11.1v Power Supply Call 1 Year
5 Dell Studio XPS 1640 battery/9 Cell/Li-ion type/4400mAh capacity/49Whr/11.1v Call 1 Year
6 Dell Studio 1569(YY9RM) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/66Whr capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
7 Dell XPS L502X Battery/9 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/90WHr 7650mAH Capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
8 Dell XPS M1330/ PP25L Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/4800mAh capacity/11.10v Call 1 Year
9 Dell XPS L401X/L402X/L501X/L502X/L702X(JWPHF) Battery/9 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/7800 mAh 87 Whr capacity/11.1v Rs.4699* 1 Year
10 Dell XPS M1530 (XT832) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/74400mAh/49Wh capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
11 Dell Precision M4600/M4700/M4800(T3NT1) Battery/9 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/7800mAh 87WHr capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
1 Dell Vostro 3400/3500/3700(7FJ92/50TKN)/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-Ion type/56Whr Capacity/11.1v Power Supply Rs.4099* 1 Year
2 Dell Vostro 1014/1015/A840/A860(F287H)/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-Ion type/48Whr Capacity/11.10v Rs.3599* 1 Year
3 Dell Vostro 1200 battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/4550 mAh Capacity/14.8v Call 1 Year
4 Dell Vostro 1520 /1320(K738H)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/58Whr capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
5 Dell Vostro 1510 /1310/1520/2510(T114C)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/5200mAh capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
6 Dell Vostro 1400/2520/1450/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/4400mAh capacity/11.1v Rs.2899* 1 Year
7 Dell Vostro 3360 (TKN25)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/49Whr capacity/14.8v Rs.3499* 1 Year
8 Dell Vostro 3350 /3300(GRNX5)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/5200mAh capacity/14.4v Call 1 Year
9 Dell Vostro 3560 (8858X)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/48Whr Capacity/11.1v Rs.3499* 1 Year
10 Dell Vostro 5460/5560(VH748) Inbuilt Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/11.1v/4170mAh Capacity Rs.6199* 1 Year
11 Dell Vostro V131/13Z/14Z(268X5/N2DN5)/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/11.1v/5900mAh Current/65WHr Capacity Rs.6699* 1 Year
12 Dell Vostro V130/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/11.1v/5900mAh Current/30Whr Capacity Call 1 Year
1 Dell Latitude D620/D630 Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/5200mAh Capacity/11.1v Call 1 Year
2 Dell Latitude E6120/E6230/E6320/E6330/E7240(RFJMW/FRROG)/6 Cell/Li-ion type/5200mAh Capacity/11.1v Rs.4249* 1 Year
3 Dell Latitude E5410 Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type Call 1 Year
4 Dell Latitude E4300/E4310 Battery/6 Cell Battery/11.1V/5200 mAh Capacity Call 1 Year
5 Dell Latitude E5400/ 5410/5500/5510(KM742) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/11.1v Power Supply/4400mAh capacity Rs.3949* 1 Year
6 Dell Latitude E6230/E7240(RFJMW) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/11.1v Power Supply/58Whr 5200mAh capacity Rs.4249* 1 Year
7 Dell Latitude E5440/E5540 (VVONF/NVWGM) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/10.8 volts Voltage Rs.4249* 1 Year
8 Dell Latitude E5450/8V5GX/G5M10 Inbuilt Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-ion type/51Wh Capacity Rs.6149* 1 Year
9 Dell Latitude E7440/ E7450/E7240/E7250(3RNFD) Battery/4 Cell Battery/Lithium-ion type/11.1 volts Voltage/47Wh Capacity Rs.5549* 1 Year
10 Dell Latitude E3440(XCMRD) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/5200mAh Capacity/11.1V Power Supply Rs.3249* 1 Year
11 Dell Latitude E6400/E6410/E6500/E6510(KY265) Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/5200mAh Capacity/11.1V Power Supply Rs.5849* 1 Year
12 Dell Latitude E6440/E6540 Battery/6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/4400mAh Capacity/11.1V Power Supply Rs.5549* 1 Year
13 E5420/E5430/E5520/E5530/E6430 Battery /6 Cell Battery/Li-Ion type/11.1V Power Supply Rs.3249* 1 Year

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