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Lenovo Laptop Adapter

Lenovo Laptop Adapter

With the introduction of games and video files, it is obvious that your laptop battery would last only for some hours only. So, no one should forget the need of a Laptop AC Adapter. When you go to market to buy an adapter, you get confused. We help you to find the best adapter that can go with your laptop. The one thing that needs to be checked with us is the connector type.

You can check for the Connector Type before buying a laptop. We have laptops with different types of connector. So, you can check which connector will suit best your laptop

  • Cylindrical Connectors: Cylindrical-shaped insulated connected that are also known as barrel connectors.
  • Snap and Lock Connectors for DC adapters.
  • Molex Connector: These types of connectors are protected in a plastic case and have 3/4/6 terminals.
  • USB Connector used for smart-phones.

Hopefully, we have given you sufficient information. Now you can easily buy Laptop Adapters from us.

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